Winter Survivor 3D – Pro

You were on a deserted winter island. You do not remember how it turned out. What would it be before you got here? Survive and solve the mystery of the island.

Winter Survivor 3D - Pro apk android free

This big island is fraught with many dangers and secrets!
Beware of predators: bears and wolves. You can run away from them or attack them to get yourself some meat. Also on the island you will be able to find other animals.
There are many resources on the island: various ore, stones, secret objects. Cut the trees to get wood. It is useful for construction.
Follow the indicators of health and hunger.
Do not forget to eat and cook at the time.
Growup your player XP.

Winter Survivor 3D - Pro apk free android

Survive on a winter island. Adventures are waiting for you 

Download Winter Survivor 3D – Pro.apk for Free

download buttonPlease check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings

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