Topological Dungeon Escape

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The concept of general RPG map is simplified in this game, and the topological map is adopted with each square representing a node and yellow lines connecting the nodes, so the lines are roads.
Just move your fingers, and you can move among the nodes. All you need to do is to concentrate on choosing a path and calculating the gains and losses in the combat. You don’t need to waste time in walking or searching for the path.

Topological Dungeon Escape apk

Topological Dungeon Escape android

Features of the Game:
–Innovative and visualized topological map.
–Simple operation mode.
–Chapters that are extremely challenging and test your intelligence.
–Abundant choices of combat paths. You have to advance gradually and entrench yourself at every step. There is no way to finish any chapter without thinking.
–More than 40 maps and 30 monsters.
–In two languages: English and Chinese.

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