Features of app:

-All Free Romcontroll Features
-German and italian translation of RomControlPro app from Playstore
-Tap on Clock for open an app
-Switch for show/hide lockscreen clock and date in RC
-Option for lockscreen widgets (18 different analog clocks or weather widget) in RC
-Battery Bar with settings in RC
-Matrix effect for recent panel with RC Settings
-Lockscreen rotation option with on/off switch in RC
-Clock center and left with much options in RC
-Colored Statusbar Icons with settings in RC and grey icons on white apps
-DataUsage settings with options in RC
-Switch for enable/disable headsup notifications in RC

NEMESIS Settings PRO apk free
-Notification background color in RC
-Quicklaunch panel in recent apps with show/hide in RC
-Colorable Expanded Statusbar background with settings in RC
-Network traffic with options in RC
-Custom background notification panel
-Touchkeys backlight duration time settings to RC
-Signal Position Chooser Left/Right in RC
-Custom Carrier in notification panel with settings in RC
-Option for change color of toggle, dividers and toggletext
-Wifi Icon choser
-Signal Icon choser for sim 1 and sim2
-Alarm Icon choser
-Outdoor Mode switch in rc
-And more. Are too much for write all

NEMESIS Settings PRO android free


Download NEMESIS Settings PRO android for Free

download buttonPlease check the box for – ‘Allow installs from other sources than the Play Store’ in your settings


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