Island Survival 3 PRO

Survive in tropic and desert island with wild animals!
There are two big island: tropic and dust biomes. First big island is absolutely dangerous for your life! Cut off tree, collect different resources, get ores. On the second dust island you can find mysterious location, dangerous desert biome and many secrets in anomaly territories near ocean.

Survive at night, try save your life!

Island Survival 3 PRO apk free

Island Survival 3 PRO android free

– Pickup stone and hew trees.
– Using resources you can craft weapons for hunting animals, a torch and a fire for light at nights, as well as materials for building a house
– To build a house, you have to to install the foundation first, then the walls, windows and doors, then roof.
– To hunt animals for food
– Attacks of predators, you can use any tool. Aim the camera at an animal and press the item button. When an animal dies, you can collect food.


Download Island Survival 3 PRO.apk for Free

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