Fantasy Jungle

Along with Uncle bear to explore this fantasy jungle world!
In the ‘Fantasy Jungle’, you will encounter more than 30 kinds of popularity adorable pets, and fantasy animals with gorgeous magic, they are hidden in the forest, together to find them.

‘Fantasy Jungle’ is an interactive animation and interactive game for children. By zooming, swiping and pressing to find a new wonderful jungle world. We believe that this game is comparable to the jungle book. Let the children understand the beauty and funny of the forest during games. Cultivate them with the virtues of caring for small animals and protecting forests. This game can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

Fantasy Jungle android apk free

Special Features:
1. Fantastic mini-games and systems designed specifically for children.
2. Up to 8 countries real voice, child-friendly experience.
3. More than 30 kinds of fairytale animals and the magical elves.
4. Each animal has more than 5 animations, very attractive.
5. Lovingly illustrations and interesting animal feeding games.
6. Crazy fruit slice game, infinite funny.
7. Exquisite game scenes, fascinating.
8. High quality animations and humorous sounds.
9. Multi-touch capability.

Fantasy Jungle apk android free

Download Fantasy Jungle.apk for Free

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