Bridge Constructor

In the Bridge Constructor android game to get win, you not want to complete the level, and also you want to build the cheapest bridge as possible. So that after you need build a working bridge, as you start to remove the parts and optimize the construction.

Here you need to keep in mind that the stress level of the bridge has to withstand as an asymmetrical one. You can play it even if the level is perfectly symmetrical. This is due to the reason that the train moves from one side to another side will rather than stands still or moves vertically.

So that the best bridges will not work for anyone and it does not mean that you should try the corresponding part on the other side. If your bridge is little bit away from the working as it should, try to delay the train by the various amounts of time.

Bridge Constructor 2

On the other hand, sometimes a bridge will work better if you let it to stop swinging first. There might even be just one specific moment when you have to start the train for the bridge to work.  In the Bridge Constructor android game the critical part of playing this game is to cross the level 15, if you need to win in this game, then you need to cross it successfully.

There are many ways to solve the level 15. It has a simplest way which is to lift the right end of the bridge by building a counterweight on the left side of the anchor point. By following this tip, when you start the simulation, the left side of the bridge, that you should make heavier and it will fall down, pull the right side up the rails.

Here you have to get the angle right so that the right end of the bridge is on about the same level as the ground near to it. And also you need to make it counter weight heavy enough so that the train will not push the bridge back down as it passes via the bridge.

Bridge Constructor 3

While playing the Bridge Constructor Android game, you can able to use the complex editing mode, which gives you much more control over the bridge. You need to switch the planes with the R and F keys to make use of the center plane.

The materials used on each level should doubles the strength of the bridge on each level so that you have to use the proper materials as per the below list,

  • Light steel,
  • Deck,
  • Cable,
  • Heavy steel,

You can use the heavy steel cautiously because you use the heavy steel which is extremely expensive; you always try to replace it with light steel even if you need up to 3x much light steel for the replacement of bridge structure.

Bridge Constructor 4

You should save the money as well as, you does not replace the huge bridge parts with the cheap light weight steel, because it will reduce the stability of your bridge so that before going for constructing the bridge you need to learn about the advantages of using the different steel types.

You can use the cable as much as possible in your bridge. It is the cheapest materials and it has an unlimited length make it incredibly versatile.  The only problem with the cables is that they can only withstand the tension or pull, not compression or push.

The stress display colour for tension is blue by default so that you can check the strength of your bridge.

Download Bridge Constructor.apk for Free

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