Blind Samurai

Headphones, please.
Blind Samurai is the only action game where you can’t believe your eyes. Do you want to become a martial marvel like Daredevil? Hone your ears and listen to enemies approaching left or right. The intuitive swipe controls let you slice and dice on a whim.

Blind Samurai apk android free

This game is 100 percent accessible to the blind and visually impaired. Smooth narration guides you in-between action while a Japanese drum line marks your progress. Sound effects were carefully selected to maximize satisfaction.

Here’s a taste of what Blind Samurai offers:
-3 player attack patterns with unique sound effects. You’ll KNOW when you’ve cut enemies to pieces!
-Rival samurais identified by running pace.
-Multiple terrain that challenges your senses.
-Epic boss fights!
-Endless action with progressive difficulty.
-Leveling up through awesome achievements!
(Please note that signing into Google Play may disrupt game play.)

Sighted players will enjoy Blind Samurai’s crimson color palette and gratuitous blood.

Blind Samurai apk free android

How to play:
Swipe left or right toward your enemies before they close the distance. There are 5 hostiles per level. Some walk softly, others charge you. Listen for throwing stars! Remember, enemies are not visible until killed (or they kill you)!


Your journey consists of 5 levels. Will you endure rain, snow, or heavy winds? Rival samurais become faster each cycle!

There are only the quick and the dead. Don’t hesitate! Blind Samurai delivers action whether you’re sighted or not. 

Download Blind Samurai.apk for Free

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