Amaze Ball: Platform Ball Game

Amaze Ball, Best Bounce Platform Physics Ball Game, a fun game that tests the boundaries of your skill, speed & reactions through hundreds of clever physics puzzles. Bounce, spin, jump, accelerate/decellerate, all with the sole purpose of advancing to the next level. Each new platform level brings unique obstacles, new physics, so the more you play, the more skillful you need to become. Bounce, weave, duck and speed your way to amazing fun over 120 unique platform, physics based levels. With simple touch left and right controls you will find victory in ever increasing difficulty of levels. Awesome addictive gameplay combined with challenging, unique levels will keep you coming back for more! Lets get the ball rolling. Hitting, bouncing, jumping and spinning your way to greatness.

Amaze Ball Platform Ball Game apk android free

Think you are skilled enough? There only one way to find out, install Amaze Ball: Platform Ball Game!

✔️ 120 Unique Levels. Amaze balls levels have been specifically designed so each level has a unique feel, as the game goes you you will be introduced to new and exciting physics puzzles and tougher challenges.
✔️ Frustratingly Addictive – Just-one-more-try Gameplay. Amaze Ball has a frustratingly addictive gameplay, the type you just have to try one more time. Control a ball through an ever changing platform maze while avoiding all obstacles.
✔️Dodge lasers, drops, gravity changes and more. So many physics based obstacles and traps, just when you think you have seen it all another one comes alongs that will test your skills to the limit!

Amaze Ball Platform Ball Game apk free android

✔️Easy Controls. It’s as simple as tapping left/right to control the direction of the ball, however careful as each level has physics puzzles that require pure skill (i.e. gravity change, platform rotation, …).
✔️No Ads or further In-App Purchases. As a small indie developer we work hard to produce a quality product, we dn’t what to bombard you with intrusive ads or make you pay to win. One small one -off cost will give you access to the full game, no lives that need replacing or levels packs to purchase.
✔️Minimalist Design. A beautiful minimalist design (with a touch of Tron-like neon) accompanied by a fast-paced soundtrack makes the gameplay more exciting and fun. Just one more try…
✔️Play Offline. Amaze Ball doesn’t require a wifi connection to play, you can literally play it anywhere and at anytime. On the bus, one the train, underwater or even on a desert island!

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